Friday, July 13, 2012

Enchant Me by Anne Violet

Book Description: Rumors. Magic. Secrets. Attraction. Even though she is only 17 years old, Alexis Maher has her life planned out, in all its creative, wacky, splendor. Unfortunately, fate has other plans. Her psychotic ex-boyfriend is stalking her, her new boyfriend is keeping a dangerous secret, and her own burgeoning powers just might kill her ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Review: I've read alot of the other reviews on this book and was a little surprised. Alot of the people who have read this book didn't like it very much. It was to childish, to much kissing, blah blah blah. That doesn't mean i would not read a book because of a couple of bad reviews. My moto is if i like it ima get it. So i did and let me tell you this book was amazing! I can understand where others are coming from but i liked the plot and loved the characters. I never in a million years thought Alexis new Bf (Christen) had powers like her. i was on the edge of my seat about halfway through. Lex is a seductive, motorcycle riding photographer with powers of course. And christen is a sexy soccer playing artist who just so happens to have powers as well. They meet the kiss a few times and the WHAM their in love, just one problem, Alexis's psychotic ex is stalking her AGAIN! Will their love and new found powers be enough to make it through? I've heard that there is going to be another book but from Christens POV so i can not wait until this happens. The only reason i got this book was because it was .99 cents but It was worth it. Thank you Anne Violet for creating a masterpiece!

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