Thursday, July 12, 2012

Young Love Murder By April Brookshire

Book Description: First love’s a killer, but so is seventeen-year-old Annabelle Blanc. The teenager was raised to be an assassin and taught to never fall in love. She lives for the job until she meets Gabriel Sanchez, the son of her latest target. Wealthy, spoiled and self-indulgent, Gabriel Sanchez is a teenage playboy. Setting his sights on the beautiful Annabelle, he's drawn to the mysterious new girl who's playing hard to get. Gabriel also finds himself drawn into a world of deception, violence and murder. Off-centered for the first time in her life, Annabelle struggles to fight her doomed attraction for the handsome Gabriel. In this gritty, mature YA novel, you'll follow Annabelle and Gabriel in an intense, funny, angry, crazy, rocky and passionate romance. As two worlds collide and they're repeatedly thrown together and pulled apart by fate, will Annabelle and Gabriel overcome betrayals, revenge and heartbreak to find a lasting love? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Review: I liked this book very much. It was kinda Young Adult, but more of for 14 years and older. It did have sexual content, but other than that i loved reading about the stuff Annabelle and Gabriel had to face to be together. Gabriel is one of those if i want something im going to get it kind of guys. He doesn't stop going for Annabelle. His reasons for following her change a few times during the book. He struggles alot throughout the book. Annabelle is one of those i do what i do because its right. Nothing is going to change her mind. She has been an assassin ever since she was like 12 or 13 and so has her brother, Jackson. Thats the only life they've ever known. I would give it a 5 out of 5 stars because it truly did capture the interest of a teenager. I could sorta understand Annabelle when she had to face the idea of Gabriel not loving her back. I know exactly how that feels. And i can also see where Gabriel is coming from, having a loved one you just cant get out of your head even though they hurt you in the most tragic way possible. I loved reading about the heat between these two, and the fights Gabriel and his cousin get into. Over all it was perfect for a book addict like me. Although i read it in a day, it was just so good i couldn't put it down, i would defiantly read it again and recommend this to others.

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