Thursday, July 12, 2012

Her Best Friend's Brother by T.J. Dell

Book Description: Libby has been in love with Tony Marchetti since she was seven years old. The problem? Tony is her best friend's older brother. Lately Tony has started looking at her in a new way and he emails her all the time. Could it be possible that he is starting to see her as more than his kid sister's best friend? Tony knows Libby McKay is off limits. She's his sister's best friend for crying out loud! But she is also smart, funny, and seriously hot. Plus she's not afraid to get a little sweaty-- on the track that is. Tony can't seem to help himself, besides what's a few emails? The occasional phone call? He can keep things light and friendly-- Can't he? Warning: This book contains some adult content ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Review: This book is a reality book. Don't get me wrong i liked it but i much more prefer fantasy but when i read this book, Whew i could feel the heat between Libby and Tony. Libby has loved Tony ever since she met him. She tries to hide it from her best friend, who happens to be Tony's younger sister. Tony didn't realize he love Libby until she was about 16, which would be when he was 19. He always felt like he couldn't be with her because he was 3 years older than her. When it turns out that Libby has a boyfriend, tony becomes jealous. throughout the chapters Libby and Tony get in fights make up, then he does something that makes her feel like he doesn't want her so she then retaliates by not talking to him for five months. She then goes off to college out of the country where she meets Gio. They start going out and he goes back home with her. At a bar Gio helps Libby make Tony jealous, he wants to help Libby get her man. Tony decides to take Libby home with him since she had "to many drinks." That's where they ended up in bed together. The book kind of ends where they both admit they love each other and they get married. I really liked this book, it got me into wanting to read more reality books.

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